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Molecule needs a dipole moment if its going to absorb microwaves H2O causes atmosphere to absorb microwaves As a molecule stretches and compresses dipole moment changes Frequency= 1/2pi(sqrt(k/u)) k- force constant, strength of a spring u- reduced mass vibrational nodes in a molecule- 3n-6 nodes n=# of atoms
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Unformatted text preview: NMR- (nuclear magnetic resonance) Spectroscopy- all use natural energy levels Electronic Vibrational Rotational NMR- relies on application of a strong magnetic field Energy separation of “up” and “down” spins in strong mag field (about 500 MHz) E=hv, v=500 MHz...
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  • Magnetic Field, Fundamental physics concepts, Nuclear magnetic resonance, dipole moment changes, mass vibrational nodes, Vibrational Rotational NMR

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