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HSOC Last Chapter Study Guide - HSOC Last Chapter Study...

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HSOC Last Chapter Study Guide A.C. Crombie- historian of science, noted for his contributionsto research on competition between species Ian Hacking- philosopher of science Joseph Henry- first secretary of the Smithsonian, discovered the electromagnetic phenomenon of self-inductance Samuel Morse- inventor of a single-wire telegraph system, inventor of morse code language through clicks Thomas Edison- American inventor of phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the light bulb Sir William Petty- member of the parliament of England and a charter member of the Royal Society William Playfair- founder of graphical methods of statistics Minard- noted for his advancements in information graphics, the flow map of Napoleon’s march Poisson- French mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss- German mathematician Adolphe Quetelet- Belgian astronomer, statistician, introduced statistical methods to the social sciences Emile Durkheim- principal architect of modern social science Ludwig Boltzmann- physicists famous for contributions to statistical thermodynamics, advocate for atomic theory Wilhelm Rontgen- german physicist who produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength known as X-rays Sir William Crookes- chemist who worked on spectroscopy and was a pioneer of vacuum tubes Marie Curie- chemist famous for her work on radioactivity Pierre Curie- pioneer in radioactivity, shared Nobel Prize with wife Henri Becquerel- discoverer of radioactivity
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HSOC Last Chapter Study Guide - HSOC Last Chapter Study...

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