HSOC001Quiz2 - H SOC001 Quiz #2 Descartes- Paris Academy...

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HSOC001 Quiz #2 Descartes- Paris Academy Leibniz- Berlin Academy Newton- Royal Society Voltaire- “Philosophical Dictionary” “Letters on the English” “Newton’s Philosophy” Benjamin Franklin Joseph Priestley- Minister, Civil Rights, Phlogiston “Dephlogistonated” air, discovery of oxygen Encyclopedie- hundreds of authors including: Diderot, DAlembert, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire Diderot- on the arts and trades Lagrange- Berlin Academy, simplified Newtonian mechanics, “Analytical Mechanics” Laplace- recast Newton’s geometric proofs into calculus, “Celestial Mechanics” “Nebular hypothesis” LA Mettrie- physician, refuge in court of Frederick “Man a Machine” Jacques Vaucanson- “automata” automated loom, flute player, doll Hans Sloane- President of Royal Society, Invents Chocolate, Founds British Museum James Cook- Explored Australia and Hawaii Von Humboldt-traveled extensively in Latin America, exploring and describing it for the first time in a manner generally considered to be a modern scientific point of view. His description of the journey was written up and published in an enormous set of volumes over 21 years Joseph Banks- Botany Bay Collector, President Royal Society Scala Naturae- great chain of being Abraham Trembley- polyps (animal and plant) Bonnett- polyp fills chain of being gap Linnaeus- established binomial nomenclature Buffon- greatest naturalist of the 18 th century, French academy of sciences “Natural History” Locke- Natural rights: life, liberty and property Montesquieu- “The spirit of Laws”- separation of powers Adam Smith- The Wealth of Nations Thomas Jefferson Rousseau- “The Social Contract”
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HSOC001Quiz2 - H SOC001 Quiz #2 Descartes- Paris Academy...

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