Midterm Important Names to Remember

Midterm Important Names to Remember - M idte rm I mportant...

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Midterm Important Names to Remember Crusades/Reconquista- spread goods, religiously sanctioned military campaigns to regain holy land Marco Polo- Traveled throughout Asia and reported back the technologies that people did not believe Kublai Khan- founder of the Yuan Dynasty and met Marco Polo Alfonso X of Castile- show movement of planets to figure out where you are Prince Henry the Navigator- explored the coast of Africa using Alfonsine tables, inspired by Prester John Prester John- mythical Christian king of Ethiopia- fountain of youth, earthly paradise Cristopher Columbus- Plan to go all the way across the Atlantic to circumvent the Ottoman Blockade, also to circumvent Italy o People knew world was a sphere, but Columbus was first to dare to go around the backside Johannes Gutenberg- movable typewriter, and printing press, easy to print many copies Martin Luther- writes the 95 these, founds Lutheranism, starts the protestant reformation (reformation causes change in Catholic Calendar) Erasmus- “In Praise of Folly” Latin and Greek editions of new testament, criticized contemporary Christian beliefs Thomas More- opponent of the protestant reformation, writes “Utopia” ideal political system Lorenzo the Magnificent- started a neo-platonist academy, library, patronage, sons were popers Cosimo di Medici- Started Medici dynasty of ruling Italy Marsilio Ficino- reviver of Platonism, started an academy, influential in the Italian Rennaisance, translated Hermetic Corpus
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Midterm Important Names to Remember - M idte rm I mportant...

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