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Praxis I Course Syllabus Administration Electronic Resources Blackboard: available through Laboratory: Additional electronic resources may be made available during the term. Should this occur, links to these resources will be made available on Blackboard. Textbook There is no textbook for this course; any required readings will be made available electronically as the course progresses. Links to these readings will be made available on the Blackboard site. Students are encouraged to demonstrate engagement and participation in this course by sharing with the instructional team any interesting or relevant readings that they uncover during their design activities. Such participation may be factored into a student ! s Fnal grade. Overview Praxis I begins the Engineering Science Praxis sequence of courses. The focus of Praxis I is on laying the foundation for future Praxis courses in the Foundation Curriculum and future design courses in the Engineering Science Options. This foundation includes common terminology, models and processes, necessary skills, and most importantly the Praxis approach to teaching and learning engineering design. To demonstrate the linkages between the engineering sciences and engineering design, Praxis I integrates tightly with “CIV102 Structures and Materials - An Introduction to Engineering Design”. The activities and deliverables in Praxis I both enhance and augment those from CIV102, allowing students to simultaneously excel in both courses. This thematic integration is complemented by explorations in Praxis I of broader issues, such as ethics and professionalism, and more general skills, such as learning and teamwork. Praxis I has been divided into three sections. During the ±rst section, students work in small teams to explore and develop de±nitions of “engineering” and “design” in the context of electro-mechanical systems. Students will also develop and apply their own measures of design quality. The second section of Praxis I coincides with the ±rst major project in CIV102. During this section of the course, students develop both engineering requirements and a conceptual design for a pedestrian overpass. The ±nal section of Praxis I supports the ESC101 - ENGINEERING SCIENCE PRAXIS I - 20089 SYLLABUS (V1.1) [1/8] Course Instructors Studio Instructors Jason ±oster (Coordinator) Dario Del Degan Of±ce: BA2026 Of±ce: SF3213 Email: Email: Rob Irish Michael Lapointe Of±ce: EA201 Of±ce: EA201 Email: Email: Natalia Krasnopolskaia (Laboratory coordinator) Rebecca Pinkus Of±ce: MP219 or MP251 Of±ce: EA201 Email: Email: Maggie Roberts Of±ce: SF3213 Email:
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CIV102 Bridge Project. During the section of the course students will be developing and executing their own
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esc101-20089-syllabus - ESC101 - ENGINEERING SCIENCE PRAXIS...

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