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Mayer,Quiz - Rebecca Leong Hist 207 2-4 Jane Mayer The...

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Rebecca Leong Hist. 207 2-4 3-13-08 Jane Mayer, “The Black Sites” 1. Describe the Cold War origins of the CIA's post 9-11 interrogation procedures. After 9-11, terrorist suspects were detained in “black sites”, which were secret prison camps where captives were subjected to harsh treatments, not following the laws of the Geneva Convention. In July, Bush issued an executive order that stated that the CIA would alter its treatment of terrorist suspects in order to comply with the Geneva standards. However, this order did not state that it would stop “enhanced interrogation techniques”, meaning that the CIA could still hold suspected terrorists indefinitely. 2. Both the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have investigated the CIA program. What did they find? The Red Cross, which has only last year been able to interview 15 detainees, believes that their findings with the CIA investigations are to remain confidential. However, from the
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