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Packer,Quiz - Rebecca Leong Hist 207 2-4 George Packer The...

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Rebecca Leong Hist. 207 2-4 3/11/08 George Packer, The Assassins Gate: America in Iraq 1. Toward the end of the First Gulf War (1990-91) Neo-Conservatives were urging the first Bush Administration not just to push Iraq out of Kuwait but to continue on to Baghdad, to depose the government there and install one of its own. But the elder Bush (then president) rejected their advice. Why? Bush Senior rejected the advice of the Neo-Conservatives to push Iraq out of Kuwait and to continue on to Baghdad to instate a new system of government because the Neo- Conservatives proposal stated that the United States should be the predominant superpower of the world in order to ensure the safety of the country. However, Bush disputed this and came up with a revised plan that emphasized cooperation and alliances instead. 2. Describe the foreign policy stance of the "Realists," the "Neo-conservatives" and the liberals. The foreign policy stance of the “Realists” was that they believed in keeping the balance of power between states. Their motto was “vital national interest”, meaning that they
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