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Summary 3 - Nov 16 2009 Ant 360 Chapter Summary 5 8 Chapter...

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Nov . 16 , 2009 Ant 360 Chapter Summary: 5 + 8 Chapter 5 discusses the Spanish and Portuguese explorations to the New Worlds . In 1493 , Columbus returned from his first trip from the Caribbean , which is what he believed to be the eastern coast of Asia . Columbus called the natives of the land Indians and set out on many missions to conquer these people . The overthrowing of these native people destroyed their populations in very little time . In 1492 there were about a million people living in Espanola , but by the 1520’s , there were few survivors left . The Spanish brought with them diseases , smallpox and the measles , they used Indian labor to hunt for gold , and inducted many other Indians into slavery and the slave trade , all of which contributed to the demise of their populations . In Mesoamerica , they developed large scale complex tribute systems , and when the Spanish came , the rapid population decline assisted in these systems failing . Warfare , the Spanish invading , and illnesses were all factors in the population diminishing , but the smaller population also put a dent in the labor force that was able to sustain the
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agricultural system to feed this civilization . As Europeans began to acquire more land , the people in Mesoamerica also began to get pushed farther and farther out .
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