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Paper #1—Due Monday, April 21. Write a one-page argument on an issue you choose from TIME or THE ECONOMIST or FORTUNE. You may use the online version or hardcopy. You must use a minimum of two credible, authoritative, unbiased sources that you cite in your paper according to MLA or APA guidelines. (See text chapters 6- 7.) Your paper will be three parts: (1) introduction/overview with statement of claim, (2) body using evidence with citations and reasoning, and (3) conclusion. The last page of your paper will be your works cited/references page for the sources. Use MLA/APA for this page, too. Hint: use an MLA cover sheet (pg 301) instead of the MLA paper without the cover sheet (page 253) to save room for more of your argument. Your paper will be limited to one page for the argument and one page for your works cited/references (and a coversheet if you used one).
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Unformatted text preview: Do not exceed the one-page limit for your argument. • You may work in teams or individually. • Remember: be clear, concise, and compelling. Other Important Information • Your papers must follow either APA or MLA guidelines. See text for information and sample arguments. • Authoritative, unbiased sources include newspapers (not Op-Ed), scientific or medical journals, certain magazines (such as TIME), and personal interviews with experts in their fields. • You may not use unattributed Web sites (most dot-coms), encyclopedias, dictionaries, or dot-org Web sites. • If you have any questions about your sources, please see me. • Please hand in assignments on time; that is, during the class period in which it is due. • Submit your paper in hard copy and stapled , not e-mailed. • I will not accept late papers....
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