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Immigration Essay

Immigration Essay - could be avoided if only these 300...

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Immigration….whose fault is it? Professor Brock Coms 145 21 April 2008 Immigration…whose fault is it?
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In 1845, when the potato famine struck Ireland and the Irish fled to America it started the great immigration of masses of people from Europe to the U.S. Now, the U. S. is still faced with the same problem of millions of people wanting to come into the U. S. for a chance of a better life. It is estimated that one international migrant comes to the U.S. every 29 seconds (“Population Division”). The U.S. has such strict immigration laws that it is near impossible to become a citizen. The government needs to implement more negligent laws pertaining to becoming a citizen in order to prevent our jails from becoming overcrowded and retain taxes from those immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. Just last week, there were over 300 arrests made in five states related to illegal immigration and social security fraud (Garay). These 300 or so illegal immigrants are now taking the place of other criminal and more violent offenders. This is a situation that
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Unformatted text preview: could be avoided if only these 300 illegal immigrants could be made citizens. In addition, the illegal immigrants are on average costing the government over 10 billion dollars a year (Fitzgerald). The majority of these costs are accumulated from illegal families with U.S. born children who use government-funded resources such as health care and public education. The solution to this problem is incredibly clear: make becoming a citizen much easier and everyone will benefit. Immigrants will become citizens and the U.S. government will not only reduce the amount of unnecessary people in jails but also make money by immigrants becoming citizens who will pay taxes. Works Cited Fitzgerald, Mary. “Illegal Immigrants Cost to the Government.” Washington Post. 26 August 2004. Garay, Anabelle. “300 Arrested in Immigration Raids.” Time Magazine. 16 April 2008. “Population Division.” U.S. Census Bureau. 27 Dec. 2007. <http://www.census.gov/>....
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Immigration Essay - could be avoided if only these 300...

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