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Coms 145 Brock Slide 1: Violence in media has increased greatly, censorship necessary to prevent US from becoming violent society Slide 2: Stats on kids watching TV, how it effects them, why censor is necessary Slide 3: 18.6 to 26.4 violent acts per hour since 1980, 75% of children tune into MTV Far higher levels of sex, violence then final prime time hour of broadcast TV (Media Awareness Network) Slide 4: Albert Bandura, psychologist in social behavior and identification learning, done many studies concerning children and video games, kids can’t separate TV shows and video games from truth because their lack of experience and knowledge, combine TV with their own experiences, unrealistic views of society Slide 5: Quote from Media Awareness Network Study, larger personality shifts have been reported after longer exposure, distorted thinking, unstable self esteem, child thinks violence solves conflicts, shows strength, and can boost self image. Slide 6: US Annual Video Game Study. US News and World Report also says, “More realistic
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  • Spring '08
  • Video game genres, Media violence research, First-person shooter, Media Awareness Network, violent society Slide

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