Pro Censorship Essay

Pro Censorship Essay - shelter us from what might be...

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Pro Censorship Essay Professor Brock Coms 145 21 May 2008 Leong 1 Pro Censorship Essay
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Do you remember when your parents used to shut off the T.V. right when the movie was just about to get good? Do you remember when you got reprimanded for using a “bad word” you had heard on the playground? Or how about when they switched the radio station when the DJ was making crude, inappropriate jokes? As young children, our parents oversaw what we watched, what we said, and what we listened to. This was our early form of censorship during childhood. Today, the government regulates what people are able to access as far as the media, music, and the internet, in an attempt to
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Unformatted text preview: shelter us from what might be suitable, age appropriate, or moral. Much like our parents when we were young, the government wants to protect us from what we might not want to see or hear. Although this does seem like a breech of the freedom of speech, the reason the government censors the way they do is because they cannot afford for people to be upset at the government for not protecting against what might be thought of as obscene and indecent. The idea of censorship is not to impose on peoples freedom of speech, but rather to eliminate the possibility of discontent with media, music, and the internet. Censorship is necessary in...
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Pro Censorship Essay - shelter us from what might be...

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