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Unformatted text preview: Facts: Facts: 303 million people currently residing in the United States 8.7 million U.S. citizens are unemployed This means that roughly 3% of the U.S. population is unemployed ­U.S. Census Bureau In a survey in March of 2006, it was In a survey in March of 2006, it was reported that over 12 million illegal immigrants currently live in the U.S. ­U.S. Census Bureau Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration Rapidly increasing U.S. population Depleting middle class Use our resources If amnesty is an option? Increasing Population Increasing Population Eliminating jobs opportunities for our own citizens In turn, effecting our economy Taking away our resources Unnecessarily crowding our jails Depleting our Middle Class Depleting our Middle Class Big businesses hire illegal immigrants because they will work under the table for less then minimum wage Eliminates the chance for our own unemployed citizens to get hired at a fair wage Concept of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer Using Our Resources Using Our Resources Illegal alien households use $2,700 a year in services more then they pay in taxes This creates a total fiscal burden of 10.4 billion dollars a year on the federal budget They also impose an annual cost of $6,950 per household, which averages to be about 26 billion dollars a year Public Education System Public Education System There are 1.8 million undocumented children in the public school systems The average annual cost per student per year is about $7,500 This means that these children are costing the public education system almost 11.2 billion dollars Hospitals Hospitals Furthermore, the government requires hospitals to provide emergency care to critically ill or injured patients regardless of their immigration status According to the Immigration and Naturalization Services, illegal immigrants are costing hospitals over 2 billion dollars a year Overcrowding of Jails Overcrowding of Jails Justice Department Inspector, General Glenn Fine, says that in the past three years, over 5.8 billion dollars has been spent to jail criminal aliens, some of whom have been re­arrested up to six times from anything such as outstanding tickets to drug and weapon offenses These arrests exclude criminal arrests related to illegal residency, social security fraud, and other associated illicit acts Is Amnesty an Option? Is Amnesty an Option? Only rewards illegal immigrants who broke our country's laws Promote the wrong message to future immigrants Low incomes of immigrants means low tax payments More immigrants would more freely be able to access government funded programs Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration Rising number of the U.S. population How immigration is effecting our economy and resources Why amnesty would not be a suitable solution ...
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