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Critical Analysis Paper 1: Prose Performance I picked a section of one of my favorite books from the series Twilight for my prose performance. The section I chose to perform is from the second book, New Moon , by Stephenie Meyer. The reason I choose this particular piece of literature is because this series is probably one of my all time favorites. The author presents the characters in such a relatable way that you become so immersed in the book, time flies by and you barely notice that you have been reading for six hours straight. The piece that I choose specifically is at the very start of the first chapter, when Isabella Swan, the main character, appears to be dreaming or rather having a nightmare. A nightmare about the fact that she is getting older and older with each day that passes and her true love, Edward, who happens to be a vampire, does not age and will never age past 17 years old. Bella thinks who she sees in her dream is her grandmother, but then much to her dismay, it is merely her own reflection in a mirror of what she looks like as an old woman. What I love about this passage, is that even though the situation Bella is in is not very typical, she is still very nervous for her “grandmother” to meet her boyfriend. This is such a universal feeling, feeling nervous and skeptical about any of your relatives meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time. However, it is ironic because Bella is nervous for all the wrong reasons, which makes this situation an individual concern for Bella’s specific circumstances. The individuality aspect of this passage is also that Bella is in love with a vampire and worries about having to explain that to her grandmother.
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The suggestion of this excerpt is that you don’t know why Bella is having nightmares about getting old. Is it just the fact that she doesn’t want to age physically? Or is it more the fact that she doesn’t want to get older because her boyfriend, Edward, as a vampire, will never age? When I applied The Pentad to my prose piece, the Agent in my piece is Isabella
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CAP 1 - Critical Analysis Paper 1 Prose Performance I...

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