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letter-idea - 15 November 2010 Dear Prospective Student...

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15 November 2010 Dear Prospective Student: Thank you for your inquiry in the Cal Poly Communication Studies Department. We are excited that you have taken an interest in our program. If you love to be creative, take risks, and are open to new ideas, the Communication Studies major is the right place for you! Anything is possible in this major. We thrive to help our students be innovative and imaginative in all aspects of the learning process. As a Communication Studies student learning in this environment, you will be able to tap into potential you may have never thought possible. You will be able to take on projects that allow you to think outside of the box and take risks. Your studies and work at Cal Poly will ultimately require new ways of thinking and innovation that will make your education and work your own. Within the Communication Studies curriculum, the possibilities are endless! You will be able to take a large range of classes that will allow you to learn about many diverse concepts. You can use your
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