Microelectro mechanical systems

Microelectro mechanical systems - Extreme Ultraviolet...

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Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) Masks Krishna Chaitanya Nutukurthi #36727542 [email protected] 1. Introduction The next generation lithography technology that uses 13.5nm EUV wavelength is termed as Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography. EUV lithography generally takes place in a vacuum since all matter absorbs EUV radiation. Use of Mo/Si as the multilayers in the optical instruments will reflect the incident light and around 30% of the incident light is absorbed by the mirrors present in it. [1] 2. EUV Masks need to be Reflective Masks are generally used to provide patterning to the system. The EUV masks need to be reflective in the same manner in order to provide high definition patterning. These reflective masks need to be accompanied by multilayer mirror which reduces the wavelength by four times by multiple reflections through the series of mirrors used. Thus the masks are mainly used to reduce the wavelength of light incident and increase the numerical aperture which increases the resolution but reduces the depth of the focus. As per the industrial requirements the
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Microelectro mechanical systems - Extreme Ultraviolet...

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