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MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEMS AND ELECTRO-OSMOTIC FLOW Nutukurthi Krishna Chaitanya #36727542 [email protected] Abstract The paper describes about the concept of micro fluidic systems in brief and also about the electro- osmotic flow. The characteristics of the micro fluidic systems and its laminar nature in the flow of fluid in the micro channel are looked at in detail. The importance of electro osmotic flow in micro fluidic flow is seen clearly in this paper. The applications of the micro fluidics in the chemical analysis of the single cell are discussed in detail in this paper. 1. Introduction The fluids that deals with the behavior, exact control and manipulation of fluids where their geometrical size is small, typically it is constrained to a millimeter scale. These extend from 10 -9 to 10 -18 liters. The motion of liquid induced in a fluid by applying some potential across a capillary tube or a micro channel. This type of flow is generally necessary in chemical separation techniques and notably capillary electrophoresis. 2. Turbulent Flow in Micro channels In micro channels the flow of micro fluids is generally laminar flow. Basically it offers some new capabilities in the control of concentrations of molecules in space and time. There are various advantages in laminar flow of fluids in the micro channel. Since there are new methods involved in the fabrication, the micro fluidics will exploit certain fundamental differences between the physical properties of fluids that is moving in large channels and also for those that are travelling through the micro meter scale channels. There are certain relations between macroscopic and micro fluidic systems. Of those one major thing is turbulent flow because the fluids will mix convectively when they are present in large scales. When such type of mixing takes place, the
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Nutukurthi_KrishnaChaitanya_.Assignment7 - MICROFLUIDIC...

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