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Title of the Project Report Name of the Author (Student) 1 UMR Student ID and e-mail address Follow the format described in this document in writing your project repot. This document is a slightly modified version of the template used for writing AIAA conference papers. The original version of the AIAA paper templates can be obtained from the following link on the AIAA web page: . This is the abstract section where you summarize your work and give important aspects of the methodology and the results of your study. Nomenclature (A sample nomenclature is included here. In this section, define any symbols or parameters you use in your report.) α = angle of attack C p = pressure coefficient c = chord V = velocity magnitude (Your main sections should start here and follow the described format below.) I. Introduction o create your formatted project report, type your own text over sections in this document, or cut and paste from another document and then use the available markup styles. The pull-down menu is at the left of the Formatting Toolbar at the top of your Word window (for example, the style at this point in the document is “Text”). Highlight a section that you want to designate with a certain style, then select the appropriate style name from the pull-down style menu. The style will automatically adjust your fonts and line spacing. Do not change the font sizes, line spacing, or margins. Use italics for emphasis; do not underline. Use the “Page Layout” feature from the “View” menu bar (View>Page Layout) to see the most accurate representation of how your final paper will appear. T II. Detailed Formatting Instructions A. Document Text The default font is Times New Roman, 10-point size. In the electronic template, use the “Text” style from the pull-down menu to format all primary text for your manuscript. The first line of every paragraph should be indented, and all lines should be single-spaced. Default margins are 1” on all sides. In the electronic version of this template, all margins and other formatting is preset. There should be no additional lines between paragraphs. Extended quotes, such as this example, are to be used when material being cited is longer than a few sentences, or the standard quotation format is not practical. In this Word template, the appropriate style is “Extended Quote” from the drop-down menu. Extended quotes are to be in Times New Roman, 9-point font, indented 0.4” and full justified. B. Headings The title of your paper should be typed in bold, 18-point type, with capital and lower-case letters, and centered at the top of the page. The name of the author, business or academic affiliation, city, and state/province should follow 1 Insert Job Title (i.e. Senior Undergraduate Student, etc .), Department Name and Address here AE-369 Intro. To Hypersonic Flow Course Project, Fall 2008 092407 1
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on separate lines below the title. Major headings (“Heading 1” in the template style list) are bold 11-point font, centered, and numbered with
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Project_Template - Title of the Project Report Name of the...

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