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AE361 ADVANCED STABILITY AND CONTROL HOMEWORK 9 1. Problem 7.7. Use Matlab to make the root locus and answer the questions. Critical damping means that 1 ζ= . Neutrally stable means 0 ζ = 2. Problem 7.8. 3. Consider the system shown in block diagram form (a) Is the system unconditionally stable for the configuration shown? Back up your conclusion with a suitable root locus analysis.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Add a proportional plus derivative feedback as shown in the second figure. Is there a range of α greater than zero for which the system is unconditionally stable? If so, what is the range of α ? (c) For the system of (b) Pick a value of α that will produce zero steady state error. With this choice is the system unconditionally stable?...
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