ISPscholarship[1] - Its a rainy day again the gloomy sky in...

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It’s a rainy day again; the gloomy sky in Seattle sometimes can be very depressing. The dreary day reflects the homesick hearts, especially for me and for those international students who came to this foreign place alone. The sprinkling rain in Seattle keeps falling, but it doesn’t frustrate me because I’m waiting. I’m waiting for the day the rain refreshes the sky; I’m waiting for the day my hard work will lead me to see the beautiful rainbow. With an “American dream,” I came to Seattle. Stepping onto this free land with little ability to blend into American culture, I was terrified. And with my poor English, I faced the biggest challenge of my life. I became like a deaf-mute. As a naturally outgoing person, I was sorrowful that I couldn’t get along with people because I couldn’t communicate with anyone. But my language barrier didn’t stop me from pursuing my “American dream” to see the rainbow. Instead, it inspired me to challenge myself to pursue in more academia. While other students were talking about who liked who, I was holding my dictionary trying to improve my English. I previewed and reviewed the chapters to figure out the difference between differential and integral calculus in case I didn’t understand in class. I practiced and practiced even until the middle of the night. I anticipated that someday my effort would pay off. Now, as a prospective 2011 Honors Scholar graduate from Highline Community College, I have
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2011 for the course ENGR 214 taught by Professor Bankhead during the Spring '10 term at Highline Communicty College.

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ISPscholarship[1] - Its a rainy day again the gloomy sky in...

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