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Culture, Art, and Technology I Syllabus Fall Quarter 2010 Section D00 M, W, F 11-11:50 AM, Center Hall 119 Instructor: Guillermo Algaze , Office: SSB 277; 534-2965; [email protected]; Office hours: Tuesday: 10AM-12PM Teaching Assistants: TA E-mail Department 3A Discussion Section Tim Banham [email protected] Mathematics D01 and D02 Angela Kim [email protected] Literature D03 and D04 Marisa Brandt [email protected] Comm (Sci Studies) D12 and D05 James Perez [email protected] Communications D06 and D07 Kathleen Griesbach [email protected] Latin American Studies D08 and D09 John Alaniz [email protected] History D10 and D11 About this course: CAT 1 focuses on the key question: "How did human beings come to have culture, art and technology?" The course is centered on the human capacity for symbolic representation as it manifests itself in each of these domains. It presents a global historical overview of the general principles and patterns of past human development, and focuses particular attention on the causes and consequences of cultural variations spanning the last 50,000 years of human prehistory and history. The course explores the ways in which forces such as language, art, technology, sedentism, food production, cities, and writing helped shape the natural and created environments of human societies. Readings: Textbook (Available at UCSD Bookstore and Geisel Library Reserves): ° Diamond, J. (1997, 1999, 2003 or 2005). Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies . New York: WW Norton. Sample Exhibition Catalogue (Available in Geisel Library Reserves): Joan Aruz, ed. Art of the First Cities . The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, 2003 1
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Other Readings. Except for the Diamond textbook and the Sample Exhibition Catalogue, all course readings (as noted in the Class Syllabus below) are available through UCSD library’s electronic reserve system (E-Reserves ). To access E- reserves, go to and open the “Library” link. Under Library, go to “Course Reserves.” Under Course Reserves, go to “Students.” Course materials can be found by sorting by Class or Instructor. Course requirements and grade components: 3 Short Essays – 45 % [15% each] (ca. 3-5 pages each summarizing and analyzing class readings) 1 Take-home Final Project 40 % (ca. 12-15 pages, consisting of a Museum Catalogue- like Project. This will include descriptive entries for 10 “artifacts” illustrating important stages in the evolution of culture, art, and technology, preceded by a synthetic research essay explaining “connections” between the artifacts, if any, and the evolutionary processes embodied by those artifacts. Class/Section Participation 10 % CAT Events 5 % Class Syllabus Week “0”: Sept 24 Course structure and goals : answers come and go, but big questions …. those are forever! READ TEXTBOOK:
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Cat 1 2010 syl Alg0 - 1 Culture Art and Technology I...

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