Syllabus-102 - Chemistry 6A Fall, 2010 1 Chemistry 6A...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 6A Fall, 2010 1 Chemistry 6A Instructor: Prof..DouglasMagde 534-3199 PacificHallB100 Officehours: Tu-Th10:3011:45a.m.,or byappointment. TAs: Ms. CorinneAllen:A01,A07,A08;Ms.TimiaCrisp:A02,A03,A09;Mr.JamesBrady:A04,A05,A06. They conduct discussion/recitation sections and staff a Help Room upstairs in this building, in York Hall 4020, usually Sunday through Thursday in the late afternoon and early evening. Required: 1- PrinciplesofGeneralChemistry byMartinS.Silberberg,chapters1-4& 6-10. 2-Cheapcalculator.Ifitcostsmorethanafewdollars,itisnotlegal.Logswouldbenice.Carrythisone.Leave yourexpensivecalculatorwhereitwontbelostorstolen. 3-RegistrationwithARISon-line.Thisisgoodall yearandbeyond.Thisgetsyouyourhomeworkpoints. Optional: Student solutions manual and study guide. They are not much use and can tempt the weak to delude themselves; but you may consult them if you like. There is no value in looking up answers. There is only value in struggling to do something you do not know. If you know it, you cannot learn anything. Objective: Chem. 6A is the first chemistry course in a 3-part series for science and engineering majors. We will quickly review high school fundamentals and nomenclature; then go on to balancing equations for both matter and energy, atomic theory, chemical bonds, and the structure and shape of molecules of many varieties. Academic Honesty: You must follow the Academic Honesty Policy as outlined in the Catalog. It states (in brief): " All academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind. Instructors, for their part, will exercise care in planning and supervising academic work, so that honest effort will be encouraged. Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and/or collusion." For my part, I will help you avoid the temptation to cheat on exams using a variety of different methods. For your part, do not participate in any action that could even be misconstrued as dishonest. Any incident of misconduct will be punished by disciplinary action to the fullest extent possible. You may not hear of instances of punishment, since our society no longer flogs people in public in the town square. Students just disappear quietly and no one explains why. I assure you, it does happen. On Line: Checkhereforgeneralinformation,copiesoflectures,andotherthings.Ifyouhavedifficultywiththewebsiteor needspecialarrangements,justask.IfindthatforWindowsitworksbetterwithInternetExplorerthanwithsome otherbrowsers.MacisOK,too. Forum: The WebCT service above has a discussion forum. You may post questions about the course (either procedural or chemical) and see whether your fellow students can help, and you may answer others questions. Unless I sign an answer, you accept any advice at your own risk. You are all encouraged to respond to queries and help each other. The ones who will benefit most will be those answering questions, more than those asking. I will check the forum from time to timebe those answering questions, more than those asking....
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2011 for the course CHEM 6A taught by Professor Pomeroy during the Fall '08 term at UCSD.

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Syllabus-102 - Chemistry 6A Fall, 2010 1 Chemistry 6A...

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