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Company Q - Company Qs Ethics By Brian M Culver Company Q...

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Company Q’s Ethics By: Brian M. Culver 9/26/2008 Company Q has faced with a few ethical decisions in the past. In this three different ways for them to handle these decisions; develop a tra up an anonymous reporting system, donate expired food to the shelte
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Company Q’s Ethics I believe that Company Q has an obscure view not only of their own employees, but also at their ethical beliefs as a company whole. They start out by closing down 2 different stores because they are losing money. Then decide they would rather throw away all their expired food, rather than giving it to the local food shelter. Let’s start off with the first issue of closing down 2 of their stores in a high crime rated area. I think they are going about solving this dilemma all-wrong. Your people are the most valuable asset to any company. If you are going to pay them to represent your company you should train them the right way. A fast and effective way of solving this problem would be to develop a strong ethical value training program. Make it mandatory for all employees to attend. If you set the bar for what your company will except from their employees from the get go, and enforce it, than you will quickly eliminate the people you don’t want working for you.
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