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Exercise: Week Two Concept Check Post your 50 – word response to the following: How do you know when an equation has an infinite number of solutions? When trying to solve an equation and you end up with the exact same number on both sides, like 5=5 then the equation has infinitely many solutions. If you end up with 2 different numbers on both side of the equation, like 2=9 then the equation has no solution. If there is a variable on one
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Unformatted text preview: side and a number on the other, then there is one solution, like y=8. How do you know when an equation has no solution? An equation has no solution if the variable equals 0. If a zero is on the bottom of a fraction, it also has no solution. If it’s on top, it is undefined. As long as you get a number other than zero for your variable, your equation is solvable....
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