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The University of Kentucky, Department of English ENG 203 – Business Writing and Communication Syllabus (Part 1) – Spring 2008 Course Objectives To provide instruction in writing and research for business, industry, and government; to emphasize clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness in the preparation of letters, memos, reports, and group projects; to meet the needs of specific audiences through rhetorical and contextual analysis; to model the collaborative writing required in the modern workplace; to encourage an ethical response to professional situations and audiences. Enrollment Criteria : Completion of the University (first-tier) Writing requirement. This is a writing-intensive (W) course approved to fulfill the upper tier of the graduation writing requirement (GWR). To receive W credit for this course, you must have successfully completed the first-year writing requirement (English 104 or its equivalent) and have completed at least 30 hours of coursework. Since students in ENG 203 must have completed the University Writing Requirement, we assume you have mastered the basic writing, usage, and arguing skills of standard American English have few or no problems with grammar, spelling, and punctuation can compose a paper using library research materials using an appropriate and approved documentation style (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago) to document and set up a works cited/reference page can avoid plagiarism Graduation Writing Requirement Students wishing to use English 203 to satisfy the second-tier Graduation Writing Requirement and receive “W” credit for this course must do the following: Students wishing to receive 'W' credit for this course (a) must be enrolled in the 'W' section, (b) must submit all formal writing assignments, and (c) must receive a grade of 'C' or higher on each major assignment. Note: Assignments or requirements other than this formal writing become a factor in the final determination of 'W' course grades only if you have achieved a grade of 'C' or higher on all formal writing assignments. For assessment purposes, you will submit two copies of a paper specified by your instructor. One copy will be graded by the instructor; the second copy will be used for SACS assessment and should be a clean copy, with only your social security number listed at the top of the page, with all other identifying information (your name, instructor name, and course and section number) removed. Questions about the 'W' option should be referred to the Director of the U.K. Writing Initiative, Prof. Janet Carey Eldred, [email protected] Learning Outcomes Write a paper that is essentially free of mechanical errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax) and awkwardness, using a style that is appropriate to the purpose and audience. Demonstrate an ability to discover, evaluate, and clearly present evidence in support of an argument in
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ENG203guidelines - The University of Kentucky Department of...

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