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ieor project page 1 - purchasing training programs is our...

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Executive Summary Upon receiving your request to develop a training solution for your company, we did plenty of analysis and figured out an optimal way to satisfy your needs. You gave us 41 skills that are important for the employees, 15 programs that are available for the employees’ use, the various needs that each employee has, the various costs for programs and employees, and several constraints regarding conflicting programs and the maximum amount of training days. With all this information, we were able to figure out that in order to minimize costs for training your employees, while also satisfying all their needs and constraints, your company should use twelve out of the fifteen programs, bringing the cost to a total of $70580. For your understanding, in the second part of our report, the Technical Data, we explain the method we used in order to develop this solution. Minimizing the total cost of
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Unformatted text preview: purchasing training programs is our primary concern. There are two costs we take into account – the program costs and the salary costs. We are given the former, which is the cost of each program that the third party offers. The latter is an additional expense that would be accounted for when an employee misses a day of work for training. When this happens, a replacement must paid by the same salary for the day. Secondly we looked at the various skills that each employee needs and ensured that our solution satisfies all the skill requirements. We also included other constraints such as programs that conflict with each other and the fact that two programs can not be taken simultaneously, etc. Given all your needs and restrictions, we were able to answer the key questions that involve your decision making. We figured out the programs that each...
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ieor project page 1 - purchasing training programs is our...

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