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ieor project page 5

ieor project page 5 - take signing up for classes for each...

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companies that offer these programs, we suggest that the in-house training courses we were referring to earlier be centered on skills that are offered by these course. That way, if there is a dramatic price increase in one of these programs, your company won’t be hit as hard with a cost burden because you would have developed an in-house training program that offers the same skills. In this case, you should be willing to pay no more than the product of the program cost, the number of personnel assigned to the program, and duration of the new system (which let’s say is three years). The cost of developing and running an in-house program that offers the same skills as those of program 5 should be less than $9600. For program 3, program 15, program 8, and program 14 the prices should be less than $6000, $8400, $9000, and $8100 respectively. Since you are a small company, it is possible that none of these options are financially viable. In this case, there are several alternatives you can
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Unformatted text preview: take: signing up for classes for each individual skill, contracting a outside spet to design and run the program for you, or possibly splitting the program between online courses, in person demonstrations, and off-site lectures. The point is, it doesn't matter how you set up alternatives, just that it's less than the total cost you are currently paying. Negotiating the Prices of Programs There are various strategies that companies use in order to negotiate prices for their needs. For your company, there are a few criteria you should look into before deciding whether or not to try and negotiate with another company that offers the programs you are looking for in order to decrease your costs. Overall, you are trying to find programs that are overpriced, ones that you are not getting the value for what you pay for, and ones...
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