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ieor project page 10 - take it it would decrease costs...

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situation. Program 10, however, is worth negotiating about as well because the training solution is still possible without Program 10 – it would just be better if you could decrease the cost so that two of your employees could use this program. Grouping Skills In terms of Expenses and Commonalities Ultimately, the reason you want your employees to use these programs is for them to develop all the required skills. It is important to know the impact that each of these skills has on your budget. We believe that if you see a skill that is hard to find or that only expensive programs offer, you should consider developing an in-house training program that includes that skill or sign up for skill-particular courses. That way you can save on costs considerably. For example, later we see explain how the ''smoking cessation'' skill is the most difficult to obtain. A skill like this could be taught through a simple online course. If your company can develop an online course for this and have every employee
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Unformatted text preview: take it, it would decrease costs considerable for two reasons – 1) they do not have to be enrolled in unnecessarily expensive programs and 2) they do not have to miss work because many online courses (especially one like this) can be done on the job. Overall, we wanted to see what skills are the most expensive. To do this, we wanted to see what skill, if taken out, would decrease the cost the most. When we say that a skill is taken out, we know that the employees that originally needed the skill still needs the skill. However, we are suggesting that if the skill is indeed very expensive, you look for alternative solutions that offer this skill as opposed to using any of these 15 programs. This may be more efficient, less costly, and less time consuming for the employees. Some of the most expensive skills (based on this method) that we came across were the...
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ieor project page 10 - take it it would decrease costs...

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