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ieor project page 11 - randomized group of these expensive...

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smoking cessation skill, the problem solving skills, and the managing change skill. If these skills were taken out of the picture, costs would be reduced by thousands of dollars. We found that if you were to develop some type of in-house training program with very little interference with other programs, then you could save considerably in costs. For practical purposes, skills should be grouped together based on both expense and commonalities. For example, if you offered a program that developed smoking cessation skills, substance abuse skills, and sexual harassment skills, then it would both reduce costs and tie in to one another. Meanwhile, you can have another program offered that would develop negotiating skills, problem solving skills, and quality improvement skills. If you can offer an in-house program or offer some online course that develops a non-
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Unformatted text preview: randomized group of these expensive skills together, it would increase the efficiency of your training programs. Increasing Training Days Would our recommendation change if we allowed more days of training per year? Actually, even if we hypothetically had 250 days of training per year, not much would change because the employees would still use the same programs and create the same costs for your company. Only one employee (the senior manager) uses the full 18 days for training. It turns out that this is all each employee needs at maximum. If you plan on changing programs however, you should be wary that the senior manager has no more additional training days under the current system. In this case, it might prove useful to expand the number of training days an employee can have, though this is not the case currently....
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ieor project page 11 - randomized group of these expensive...

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