Ieor project page 15 - by the bundle of programs that they need to take we created a matrix that demonstrates the slack for each person For example

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manager, professional, salesman, technician, and administrative assistant in training programs is $19800, $15900, $12900, $12900, $5100, and $3980 respectively. Here we see that the employees that create the most costs are the ones with higher salaries, such as the senior and project manager. However, if you purely look at the program costs, the senior manager’s programs cost the second least amount. Efficiency of the Training Solution This optimal feasible solution is probably not the most efficient in terms of the over laps of skills covered by different programs. For some employees, multiple programs that they take cover a certain skill required by their position. Such overlaps reduce the cost efficiency. To quantify how many “extra” of each skill each employee will get covered
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Unformatted text preview: by the bundle of programs that they need to take, we created a matrix that demonstrates the slack for each person. For example, the first column and first row of the matrix below shows that the Senior Manager acquires skill 1 one more time than he actually needs it. Adding the numbers in each column, we get the total amount of extra skills – namely slacks – each employee gets covered. The Senior Manager has 27 slacks, the Project Manager has 36 slacks, the Professional has 42 slacks, the Sale has 42 slacks, Technician has 18 slacks, and Administrative Assistant has 18 slacks. The Professional and Salesman have the most extra skills in our solution while the cost of their training plans are the second highest ones as well....
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