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taken out as well as when program 1 altogether was taken out in order to establish whether there would be a feasible solution without program 1. Obviously there was an optimal solution without program 1, as our current optimal solution does not even use program 1. Then we did the same for program 2, holding all else constant and repeated this procedure for all programs. Ultimately, we realized that the solution to your company's problem is infeasible without programs 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, and 15. Therefore all of these programs are necessary for the model to even work. Overall, these programs are strategically important for your company. From this standpoint, some of these programs would be good candidates for in-house development to reduce your dependence on them.
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Unformatted text preview: We will look into in-house program development in greater detail in the next few sections. Interferences Another aspect we looked into was how the structuring of personnel to training programs would change if some constraints were removed, particularly the interference constraints. For example, if program 1 and program 2 no longer interfered, would the same programs still be used and would the optimal solution change at all? We experimented by removing all the program interference constraints. The new total cost derived from the optimal feasible solution was $59435, which is $11145 or 15.8% cheaper compared with the original cost of $70580. Therefore, we highly recommend you to try and reduce the constraints of interferences between programs....
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