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ieor project page 19 - that are more expensive than what we...

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Potential In-House Training Courses We look at the programs that your company uses the most. Program 5, Program 3 and Program 15 are the most heavily used programs and are each used 4 times. Program 8 and 14 are both used 3 times. Other programs are either used once, twice, or are not used at all. We consider programs used at least three times as being heavily used. You should be willing to pay for the development of the in-house course only up to the price of the actual program that we use. If it is any more than this, then we might as well use the original programs. This is because there is no reason to develop in-house courses
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Unformatted text preview: that are more expensive than what we can directly buy from the market. In this case, we are willing to pay no more than the product of the program cost, the number of personnel assigned to the program, and duration of the new system (which let’s say is three years). The cost of developing an in-house program that offers the same skills as those of:-program 5 should be less than $9600 ($800*4*3)-program 3 should be less than $6000 ($500*4*3)-program 15 should be less than $8400 ($700*4*3)-program 8 should be less than $9000 ($1000*3*3)-program 14 should be less than $8100 ($900*3*3)....
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