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Overall, we wanted to see what skills are the most expensive. To do this, we wanted to see what skill, if taken out, would decrease the cost the most. When we say that a skill is taken out, we know that the employees that originally needed the skill still needs the skill. However, we are suggesting that if the skill is indeed very expensive, you develop some type of in-house program that offers this skill as opposed to using any of these 15 programs to develop this skill. This may be more efficient, less costly, and less time for
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Unformatted text preview: the employees. Below is a table of each of the skills and the amount the total cost would be reduced by if this skill were offered in-house as opposed to through one of these programs. Skill # Skill Optimal Cost if this skill was taken out Amount you save if this skill was taken out 1 New employee orientation 69155 1425 2 Performance appraisals 69640 940 3 Personal computer apps 70560 20 4 Leadership 70580 0...
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