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Abrams Vs United States The Facts: Czarist Russia had declared war on Germany, and in an attempt to seize power; they singed a peace treaty with Germany. In the summer of 1918, the US sent a contingent of marines to Vladivostok and Murmansk. The defendants were a group of Russian immigrants who were self proclaimed socialists and anarchists perceived the expedition as an attempt to “crush the Russian Revolution”. In protest they distributed two leaflets they printed and threw from windows of a building. One leaflet signed "revolutionists" denounced the sending of American troops to Russia. The second leaflet, written in Yiddish, denounced the war and US efforts to impede the Russian Revolution. It was a decision of the United States Supreme Court involving the 1918 Amendment to the Espionage Act of 1917 , which made it a criminal offense to urge curtailment of production of the materials necessary to the war against Germany with intent to hinder the progress of the war. The 1918 Amendment is commonly referred to as if it were a separate Act,
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