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452AdderleyCaseBrief - Adderley v Florida385 U.S 39(1966...

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Adderley v Florida—385 U.S. 39 (1966) Facts: About 200 Florida A. & M. students marched to the doors of the county jail to protest the arrest (which occurred on the previous day) of several of their fellow students who had participated in a civil rights demonstration. As the group of protestors approached the jail, they headed directly toward the entrance. They were met by the deputy sheriff who explained that they were blocking the entrance to the jail and asked them to move back. The protestors partially obliged, moving back only part of the way to the jail driveway, which was used for the transportation of prisoners, and on the grassy area next to the jail. The protestors were blocking vehicular passage on the driveway so the county sheriff tried to persuade the students to leave. He failed and ordered them to leave and informed them that if they did not leave within ten minutes, he would arrest them for trespassing. While some left, 107 students remained and were arrested. They
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