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AMWAY CORP. v. PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY (2000) FACTS: Plaintiff: Amway Corporation (MI) Sidney Schwartz is a paid consultant for P&G. Schwartz made malicious remarks about Amway on website: ”Amway: the Untold Story.” Schwartz posts information and email responses from the site’s visitors, some of which are vulgar, false, and defamatory statements against Amway’s business practices, products, and employees The Web site is accessible to people all over the world Arguments: o Amway contends that Schwartz’s site “intended to and did cause consequences in Michigan, sufficient to constitute the necessary minimum contacts with the forum state.” Claims that Schwartz’s activity was intentionally tortious and defamatory. o Schwartz contends that his web site provides information and is not grounds to exercise personal jurisdiction. “Something more” is needed to indicate that a defendant purposefully directed
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