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EF Cultural Travel vs. Explorica Inc. Explorica, a student travel organization, was created in 2000 to compete in the field of global tours of high school students. Already existing EF Cultural Travel was the world’s largest private student organization at the time. Many of Explorica’s employee’s were formally employee’s of EF Travel, the most important of them being Philip Gormley, the companies Vice President and ex vice President of Information strategy over at EF. Gormley thought that Explorica could become a successful company by undercutting the prices of the other travel companies in existence, most notably EF Travel. Gormley decided that the best way to undercut the prices of EF was to have a company called Zefer, which is Explorica’s Internet consultant, design a computer program, known as a scraper, to collect all the important information from EF’s website. The program was similar to a robot, which are frequently used on the Internet. However, the difference with this specific program was that it only focused on searching the EF website and
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