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Real Networks, Inc. v. Streambox, Inc. (1999) I. The Facts: a. Real Networks offers products that let users access audio and video content over the Internet through a process known as “streaming.” Once the clip is streamed, there is no trace of the clip left on the consumer’s computer unless it had been permitted by the owner. i. Streaming is unlike downloading, where a complete copy is stored on the computer. Meaning it can be accessed at any time and is available to distribute. ii. Most copyright owners do not make their content available for downloading and only for streaming. iii. RealNetworks’ products can be used to enable owners of audio and video content to make their content available while securing the content against unauthorized copying 1. Programs called the “Secret Handshake” and the “Copy Swith” prohibit the copying. 2. Meaning, RealNetworks’ is successful because it offers copyright owners a successful means of protecting against unauthorized duplication and distribution of their work. b.
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458RealNetworksCaseBrief - Real Networks, Inc. v....

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