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Stratton Oakmont Inc. v Prodigy Services Co. Facts: Prodigy is a computer network that has at least 2 million subscribers who communicate with each other on Prodigy’s bulletin boards. An unidentified bulletin board user posted statements on Prodigy’s Money Talk computer bulletin board claiming Stratton Oakmont, a securities firm and its president (Daniel Porush) committed criminal and fraudulent acts. o Money Talk is the most widely used financial computer bulletin board in the US Stratton Oakmont sue Prodigy on 10 counts including libel based on claims that Prodigy is a publisher and not a distributor because: o Prodigy has a stated policy that it is family oriented and in media it claims to hold itself out as an online service that exercises editorial control over the content of messages posted on its bulletin boards, in or to differentiate itself from competition. o Prodigy’s content guidelines request users to refrain from posting notes
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