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Ticketmaster v. Tickets.com, Inc. US District Court for the Central District of California, 2003 Facts Both companies are in the business of selling tickets to various types of events to the public and are in heavy competition with each other but operate in different ways. TM (Ticketmaster) is the largest company in the industry and sells tickets by venue box office, retail outlets, telephone, and over the internet. TX (Tickets.com) is primarily an internet seller. TM does business by exclusive contracts with the event providers or producers and their webpage only lists events that TM is the exclusive ticket seller for. At relevant times, TX web pages attempted to list all events, whether or not they were selling tickets for the events. When TX could not sell the tickets for an event, they listed other brokers that were authorized to sell the tickets. Until early 2000, in situations in which TM was the only broker for a specific event, TX
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