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Biology 171 Student Name ______________________________ XXXXXX Signature _________________________________ Practice exam 2 Student ID ________________________________ Spring, 2009 GSI/Section _______________________________ PLEASE READ THESE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: This is FORM 1 1. Please provide the information requested at the top of this page, then initial the remaining pages of the exam . As you do so, please verify that your booklet has 18 total pages. 2. On the left side of the Scantron answer sheet, bubble in your NAME, three-digit LAB SECTION NUMBER, and eight digit STUDENT ID NUMBER. Enter the number shown above in the FORM column. On the right side of the Scantron, write your signature, the course number, and the date. Under the heading "Other", enter your GSI's NAME. 3. Answer all 30 multiple-choice questions in SECTION A. In each case, choose the one best, most complete answer. The multiple-choice questions are worth 2 points each. Use a No. 2 pencil to mark your answers on the Scantron answer sheet. Do not make marks on the answer sheet outside of the designated areas. Do not fold the answer sheet. 4. Answer 4 of the 5 short answer questions in SECTION B and cross out the surplus question . These are worth 10 points each. If all 5 short answer questions are answered, the first 4 ONLY will be assessed. The exam has 100 total points. 5. Only multiple choice answers entered on the ANSWER SHEET will be graded. Questions with more than one answer marked will be scored as incorrect. There is no penalty for guessing. In the rare instances where you feel a question is ambiguous, you may write an explanatory sentence in the margin of the exam (not on the answer sheet) next to the question to justify the answer you select. You may change an answer on the answer sheet by completely erasing the incorrect answer. Do not cross out an incorrect answer; the scoring machine will count it as marked. 6. At the end of the exam, turn in BOTH the ANSWER SHEET and ALL PAGES OF THE EXAM BOOKLET to YOUR GSI. 7. Good Luck!
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SECTION A: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (answer all 30) 1. Biological populations may increase in numbers over time through which of the following processes? a) birth and death b) birth and immigration c) immigration and emigration d) birth and emigration e) all of the above 2. What would happen if two breeding pairs of lizards were placed on an island under ideal conditions with no predators and unlimited food so that all individuals survived? a) the lizard population would stay small because lizards only have enough offspring to replace themselves b) the lizard population would increase dramatically c) the lizard population would grow slowly and then level off d) the lizard population would double and then stay relatively stable e) the lizards would go extinct 3. An experimenter tested life-history trade-offs by moving some eggs from the nests of birds into the nests of other birds of the same species, leaving fewer than average offspring to rear in some nests and more than average in others. She also
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171Practice+Exam+2 - Biology 171 XXXXXX Practice exam 2...

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