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Exam 2 Review Sheet Walkman (book) Identify and be able to define the 5 cultural processes Articulation “Circuit of Culture” Cultural Intermediaries Lifestyling What is the difference between “Representation” and “Identity”? Post-Fordism – Symbolic Economy Symbolic Economy The Long Downturn What factors led to Post-Fordism (or the Complex Professional era)? What are the 3 periods of cultural production? (Be able to describe their features and economic structure) Segment-making and society-making media Pure Demographics What are some Post-Fordist economic practices? What regulation helped solidify these practices? Just-in-time production niche media Curtin What is Curtin’s main argument(s) against the assumption that conglomeration = homogenization? What examples does he use to illustrate this argument? (hint: There were 3) How do images of “feminine desire”, according to Curtin, go against traditional assumptions of conglomeration? According to Curtin, what 2 strategies are at work in the cultural industries? (hint: p. 60 or Slide 13) Bagdikian What is Bagdikian’s perspective on conglomeration? What are 3 issues Bagdikian raises that happens as a result of conglomeration?
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351Exam+2+Review+Sheet - Exam 2 Review Sheet Walkman (book)...

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