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Identify the three domains of development, as described in Chapter 1 of the course text. Why is it essential to  consider each domain when studying and discussing the theories of adult development? Provide an example of how  one domain of development impacts the other two. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings by Day  7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of three posts for this discussion.)  TIP : Note that this discussion is asking you to:  identify the three domains of development, describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development, provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two. Note : For example, a person with Alzheimer’s undergoes a developmental change primarily focused on his/her cognitive abilities. However, the cognitive changes also impact his/her social and physical developments. It may be helpful if you type each heading first and then complete the information under each heading. This helps the reader quickly identify your activities and helps you know that you cover all of the requirements for this post. Ron_W1DQ1 1)    Identify the three domains of development. The three domains of development that was described are physical development, cognitive development and  socioemotional development.  All three of these developments play important part of child becoming adult. The first domain of development is physical development.  The “physical development looks at changes in our bodies over a  lifetime, including changes in height, weight, hair color, teeth, muscle and other tissues, sexual development, 
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