@INTERNET SOURCES - Internet: Friend or Foe

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http://pinoyyouth.org/blog/internet-friend-or-foe/ July 2nd, 2009 Mighty Leave a comment Go to comments This is the transcript of my presentation at the Celebrate Family Seminar of the Greenhills Christian Fellowship on June 27, 2009. You can download the presentation by clicking here . The emergence of the Internet is one of the most amazing things that happened in the twentieth century. It revolutionized the way we handle and access information. Simply put, the Internet is a network of networks, a massive interconnection of computers all over the world. It is different from the World Wide Web, which is a wide collection of interconnected documents, hypertext and hyperlinks. The Web is but one of the communication services being provided in the Internet. Features of the Internet Email World Wide Web Remote Access Online collaboration File sharing Streaming media Voice over Internet Protocol Media, the Internet and the Filipino Youth The McCann-Erickson Study (cited in Philippine Commission on Population, 2003) confirmed that media is indeed becoming the guide of young people in determining what is right and what is wrong. The priorities and the things considered by youth as important are heavily influenced by media. This is supported by the findings of the Young Adults Fertility and Sexuality Survey III in 2003. Different forms of media are highly accessible to Filipino youth. TV viewing is very high among young people—they can spend up to 14 hours daily in watching TV shows. The Internet is being used more in urban areas and by students. Unfortunately, only about 6% of young people are using the Internet and most of them are found in the urban areas. This creates a kind of technological divide among the youth. In 2002, only about one in every five youth used Internet for various reasons. In the Metro Manila area, 15% of youth use the Internet. Notably, around 55% of young people have been exposed to pornographic materials through the media they have been exposed to. According to Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com , in 2007, the main reasons why young Filipinos (25 years old and below) use the Internet are research, social networking and gaming. Research is still the number one reason for surfing the Web. This is followed closely by social networking and gaming . Although a number of the respondents already have computers and internet access at home, 57% of them still prefer to go to Internet cafes. On the average, a Filipino youth spends P350 per month for Internet access. Seventy-five (75) percent of the respondents of the study are online gamers. Depending on the extent of their addiction to online gaming, they may spend anywhere between 2 to 12 hours a day in an internet café just playing video games. But the average number of hours spent is 12 hours per week. Top Websites for Filipino Youth in 2007
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@INTERNET SOURCES - Internet: Friend or Foe

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