introduction (astat) - Introduction: Background: Nowadays,...

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Introduction: Background: Nowadays, we are probably on a state of evolution in the car industry. The last century was the century of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Until today, almost everyday comes with a new findings, new discoveries, and new models. Everyday of our lives, we encounter these cars by means of transportation. From all generations, whether they are working, studying, or just going to somewhere, they are able to go places by the help of this technology. But with the global crisis the world is experiencing today, some people just tend to commute rather than to have their own car, for the reason that they think that it is expensive but they don’t think that a lot of advantages comes with it, like avoiding traffic, more transportation availability, and privacy. So for those who want to buy their own car, they want to have the best they can. Since the global competition is tremendously increasing, customers are rather confused on what is the best and most efficient. This company says they are number one then the other also says so. So the
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introduction (astat) - Introduction: Background: Nowadays,...

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