Sequence of Events - Sequence of Events Group 1 Ancient Art...

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Sequence of Events Group 1 – Ancient Art Mhelvic will pick-up all the AAC from the classroom. When they reached the classroom, the audience will be given their handouts and be guided to their assigned seat (Sir Piscos’ seat is at the middle). The moment they enter the room, the start of the preview of the movie( at least 5 mins). Then when they have settled down, all will go blackout (cover the projector) Then eerie sounds will play. Erica: So you think you’ve already know everything about ancient art. But guess what, you have not. Fifty thousand years ago, before the Leaning Tower, the Eiffel Tower, and Hanging Gardens, the Ancient people were at their glory in their performing arts. Even before history was written, there is art. Even before triumphs and accomplishments of different civilizations were documented, there is art. It is embodied in the dances, drama, theater and opera of the ancient people. (then booming sound effects, menacing laugh, then screams of people) (Blackout for 4 sec.)The projector then will flash a picture of prehistoric man and then Migs will come out from behind the curtain performing a demo of a ritualistic dance (should last for 15 sec). Then Egypt flash picture, Mykee comes out dancing an Egyptian dance. Greek for oration, roman for battle dance. They will pose in the middle then total blackout (they will hide ASAP). TV effect. Then the news will flash. Erica: Hi everyone. We’re currently here live at the Kodak Theater for the much awaited Search for Next Ancient Idol. Everyone is expecting much from our contestants so here they are. First contestant is Miguel representing prehistoric arts with all its rituals and culture. Second on our list is none other than Mykee Orosco bringing with her all the magnificence and immortality of Egyptian Art. Third off is Tessalonica with all the beauty and realism of the Greeks. Last but not the least, Nazarene embodying a kingdom so strong that it lasted and conquered the world, the Roman Arts. There you have it all of our contestants for our search. So stay tune we’ll see who will win the competition. Oh goodness, the show is starting. Come one we’ll follow them. (Tv Effect blackout) All contestants will appear and Mhelvic with them. Melvic: Everyone please calm down. We’re about to start. There, thank you. Hi everyone. Welcome to the Search for the Next Ancient Star. Let me introduce to you our judge, Ms. Erica. Erica: (applause) Hi everyone. Welcome to all our spectators. We’re expecting too much from our contestants so they better do their thing right. What are we waiting for, let the battle begin. (dim lights) First on our line is the Prehistoric Art!
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Migs: The origin of music during the Paleolithic are unknown, since the earliest forms of music probably did not use the musical instruments but instead of human voice and of natural objects such rocks, which leave no trace in the archeological record. Music may have developed from
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Sequence of Events - Sequence of Events Group 1 Ancient Art...

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