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@II. g SOURCES - DAVAO CITY A Filipino businessman accused...

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DAVAO CITY -- A Filipino businessman accused four Chinese nationals who are working in a mining firm in Davao Oriental of illegal logging. Ruben Orinza Feliciano, a businessman who is into mining and shipping, accused Li Chiang An, Manny Cuizon, Chua Ming-Huim, and Leonardo "Sammy" Ong -- all officials of Philippine Youbang Mining International Corporation -- of cutting centuries- old trees without pertinent papers. Post your prayers and condolences for Cory Aquino's family Based on documents provided by Feliciano to Sun.Star Davao on Wednesday, no less than the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) had proven in its investigation report that the four Chinese nationals ordered the cutting of 180 trees composed mostly of lawaan and other hardwood in sitio Calatagan, Barangay Calapagan and sitio Tiombocan, Barangay Marayag in Lupon town. The incident reportedly occurred on April 8, with no less than Feliciano witnessing the suspects ordering the cutting of trees in the area. In its investigation report dated July 30, the DENR stated that 188.51 cubic meters of logs were illegally cut in sitio Tiombocan. The report further stated that "information revealed that Mr. Li Chiang An, Manny Cuizon, certain Mr. Chua and Sammy Ong were identified and seen at the cutting area
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