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Sequence of Events2 - Sequence of Events Group 1 Ancient...

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Sequence of Events Group 1 – Ancient Art Erica will pick-up all the AAC from the classroom. Erica will have a speech as Mhelvic distribute the scrolls. Erica: Good Morning to everyone. Congratulations. You are cordially invited to our search for the next American Idol: Ancient Edition. Fifty thousand years ago, before the waltz, the orchestra, and concerts, the Ancient people were at their glory in their performing arts. Even before history was written, there is art. Even before triumphs and accomplishments of different civilizations were documented, there is art. It is embodied in the dances, drama, theater and opera of the ancient people. If you’re ready, please come with me. This way please. The audience will be guided to their seats. Medium lighting only. (then booming sound effects, menacing laugh, then screams of people) Erica: ( background songs American Idol) Hi everyone. We’re currently here live at the Kodak Theater for the much awaited Search for Next American Idol. Everyone is expecting much from our contestants so here they are. (pictures of migs, myk, tess, & naz will flash) First contestant is Miguel representing prehistoric arts with all its rituals and culture. Second on our list is none other than Mykee Orosco bringing with her all the magnificence and immortality of Egyptian Art. Third off is Tessalonica with all the beauty and realism of the Greeks. Last but not the least, Nazarene, embodying a kingdom so strong that it lasted and conquered the world, the Romans. There you have it all of our contestants for our search. So stay tune we’ll see who will win the competition. Oh goodness, the show is starting. Come one we’ll follow them. (Tv Effect blackout) Erica: Good day again. I hope that everyone is feeling well. Let’s go here and have some interview. Hi ( interview Dann) Dann: …… Erica: So how do you feel about being here today? Dannn:….. Erica: Who are you hoping to perform well today? Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek or Roman. Dann:….. Erica: Okay thank you so much. We also have here, Mr. Jomo Fortes, the best friend of Naz. Hi. Jomo:…. Erica: how do you feel that you’re best friend will going to perform today? Jomo: …. Erica: Thank you for your opinion. Erica: There you have it, the voice our guests. Last week, from a dramatic twist of events, our top 4 was carefully chosen by our judges. But now comes another payback. Only one contestant may win. The pressure is on. Are you ready. This is American Idol: Ancient Edition. ( American idol theme plays)
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From the prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and roman, who do you think will win? No one knows but first, let me introduce to you our judges. First off Mr. Randy Jackson. ( applause card) Next, our one and only, our special judge for tonight, Dr. James Loreto Piscos (applause card) Erica: We’re expecting too much from our contestants so they better do their thing right. What are we waiting for, let the battle begin. (dim lights) First on our line is the Prehistoric Art let’s watch this!
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