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Introduction to Genetic Analysis 23 - 22 Chapter 1 Genetics...

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Unformatted text preview: 22 Chapter 1 Genetics and the Organism of possible outcomes for each developmental step. The de- velopmental process does contain feedback systems that tend to hold the deviations within certain bounds so that the range of deviation does not increase indefinitely through the many steps of development. However, this feedback is not perfect. For any given genotype developing in any given sequence of environments, there remains some uncertainty regarding the exact phenotype that will result. Three levels of development Chapter 18 of this book is concerned with the way in which genes mediate development, but nowhere in that chapter do we consider the role of the environment or the influence of developmental noise. How can we, at the beginning of the book, emphasize the joint role of genes, environment, and noise in influencing phenotype, yet in our later consideration of development ignore the environment? The answer is that modern developmental genetics is concerned with very basic processes of differ- entiation that are common to all individual members of a species and, indeed, are common to animals as differ-...
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