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Introduction to Genetic Analysis 70 - 69 Problems the F 1...

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Unformatted text preview: 69 Problems the F 1 progeny are purple. The F 1 plants are selfed and 400 F 2 plants obtained. Of these, 320 are purple and 80 are blue. Use the chi-square test to deter- mine if these results fit her hypothesis. 39. From a presumed testcross A/a 3 a/a , in which A 5 red and a 5 white, use the chi-square test to find out which of the following possible results would fit the expectations: a. 120 red, 100 white b. 5000 red, 5400 white c. 500 red, 540 white d. 50 red, 54 white 40. A presumed dihybrid in Drosophila B/b ; F/f is test- crossed to b/b ; f/f . ( B 5 black body; b 5 brown body; F 5 forked bristles; f 5 unforked bristles.) The results were Black, forked 230 Black, unforked 210 Brown, forked 240 Brown, unforked 250 Use the chi-square test to determine if these results fit the results expected from testcrossing the hy- pothesized dihybrid. 41. Are the progeny numbers below consistent with the results expected from selfing a plant presumed to be a dihybrid of two independently assorting genes,...
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